Best Home Foot Massager Machines Reviews

Over the past few years, more and more folks have discovered the benefits of using foot massager machine in the home. Having your own foot massager at home is the most effective way to help minimize or alleviate muscle tension or the discomfort in the feet and legs. Getting a regular foot massage can have positive effect on overall health of the body. Down below is a list of my top three picks for the Best Foot Massager Machines that I think deserve your attention. I chose them based on their effectiveness, ease of use and cost.

Sharper Image MSG F110 Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager

sharper-image-msg-f110-deep-kneading-shiatsu-foot-massager The Sharper Image Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager MSG F110 is an entry-level product that suits the general consumers needs, especially useful for those who have very busy work and personal lives. It allows you to get a foot massage in the comfort of your own home or office. It’s really Amazing!

The Sharper Image MSG F110 Shiatsu Foot Massaging Machine has six individual roller heads, designed to stimulate vital acupressure points on the soles of the feet. The design of the shiatsu heads actually creates a circular motions that imitate the feel of a massage with a human hands. This warms and soothes the soles of your feet and helps to improve blood circulation through vessels, arteries, and capillaries which in turn alleviate any discomfort in the feet and legs. The combination of the infrared soothing heat function and the deep kneading pressure impact on the nerve endings and helps to relieve muscle tension and stiffness in the legs more quickly.

Shiatsu foot massager is designed to fit the shape of your feet and has convenient toe-touch control button for easy to turn on and off without bending. Depending on your needs at the time you have the option to change the mode from heat to cool  and vice-versa. There is cool down feature that turns off automatically after 15 minutes by default for your comfort and safety.

The Sharper Image MSG F110 Shiatsu Foot Massaging Machine is simple and easy to use, and is just what tired feet needs to feel soothed and comforted. Extremely beneficial for individuals suffering from any kind of chronic foot pain and poor circulation in the feet and legs.

HoMedics FMS 200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager

homedics-fms-200h-shiatsu-elite-foot-massagerA busy day at work can make your feet feel stiff and tired, you know this is not a good way to end the day. You do not have to continue suffering. Take the necessary  time and tray to reward your tired feet at home with the HoMedics FMS 200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager.

The HoMedics model FMS 200H is an entry level foot massager which gently relieves tired and aching muscles of the feet, toes and calves. It has four shiatsu massage heads that rotate in opposite directions, going from the inner sides of your feet towards the outer sides. Any of the four massage heads will provide a good deep soothing massage of different points on the tired aching feet from toes to heel that will give them the relief they need.

The HoMedics HoMedics FMS 200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager Machine involves treatment with soothing infrared heat technology. At any time by pressing on the convenient easy-toe-touch control button, you can activate soothing infrared heat to your therapy depending on your needs. The warming sensation  can be applied mainly to ensure deep penetration into your feet, thus increasing blood flow and releasing tension in the tight muscles. In addition this shiatsu foot massager also provide the LED illuminator this allows you to see which function is activated.

The optimum duration of the foot massage with HoMedics FMS 200H is 15 minutes. The massager is set to switch off automatically after completing 15 minutes. After the initial 15 minutes session, you can restart the massage again after cooling time of 30 minutes. However, it is not necessary to exceed for more than 30 minutes of foot massage a day. Just because  using the foot massager for longer can excessively stimulate the muscles and cause tension rather than relieve.

There’s nothing better to end your day and treat your weary feet from a long and tiring work day than an invigorating and warm foot massage in the comfort of your own home. In just 15 minutes, the HoMedics FMS 200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager will help your feet feel better. It ensures you deep penetrating kneading massage for all muscles in your feet and legs. The HoMedics Foot Massager Shiatsu Elite FMS 200H is able to improve your blood circulation and help alleviate pain and discomfort. It’s one of the best low cost foot massagers on the market.

MediMassager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager

medimassager-mmf06-variable-speed-foot-massagerIf you work at a job that requires you to be on your feet for whole day, your feet will likely hurt and might crave for some massaging at the end of the day. You can take charge and ease aching feet in a few minutes by getting a foot massage with the MediMassager MMF06 Foot Massager. You won’t believe how much more relaxed your feet will feel just after 20 minutes!.

Features of the MMF06

The MediMassager MMF06 offers 11 variable speeds ranging from 1000 RPM at low to 3700 RPM at high allowing you to adjust the speed according to the sensitivity of the soles of your feet.

The oscillating massage movement helps to stimulate thousands of nerve endings located in the soles of your feet and at the same time activates the blood circulation in your feet and legs. Daily massaging with the MediMassager assists in the prevention of cramps, swelling and many foot related problems. The MediMassager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager is beneficial for people suffering from peripheral neuropathy also, it can be used to prevent further occurrence of plantar fasciitis. It’s well balanced and also ensures smooth, quiet operation. It designed to be used on hardwood and tiled floor.

The MediMassager foot massager is the perfect solution to rest and treat your weary feet whether at home or at the office. Regular use of the MediMassager MMF06 Foot Massager stimulates blood flow to the feet and calves, keeping the feet from swelling and numbness. Highly recommended for people suffering from any kind of chronic foot pain and patients with severe circulation problems and pain in their feet as a result of diabetes and neuropathy. Just 20 minutes at a time, it will help your feet feel better.

Finally, I’d like to lay out some of the pros and cons of each of these foot massagers before selecting one, that may help you to decide between the three models. Each of these three foot massager types can provide the perfect relief for your feet and legs. However, the quality of the massage you get will vary greatly depending on the model.

One of the advantages of Sharper Image MSG F110 Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager is the fact that it gives you either heated or unheated function for foot massage depending on your preference. At the same time, it focused on pressure points on three specific feet areas on the bottom of the feet to relax the user. The heads are strong, and the heat function  really penetrates deeply to give you an ultimate foot massage that will not only soothe stiff, aching muscles but also enhance blood circulation in your entire body.

The only cons are that the motor bog out if you put too much downward pressure on the unit. The mesh top of the unit cannot be wiped clean easily. The motion is pretty quick so it’s not a relaxing massage but your feet feel great afterwards!

As to the pros and cons of HoMedics FMS 200H. The first is that it is cheaper in comparison to any of the other two units. With its design and incredible performance, it is a perfectly solution for those who do not have time to visit a massage salon. Secondly, it takes half a min to warm up. The only downside is that the motor straining and slowing down a bit if you put too much downward pressure on the unit. Can’t adjust the speed of the massage.

One of the unique and standout feature of MediMassager MMF06 is the ability to adjust the speed of the of the massage, since it has 11 different levels you can work with. Besides that, the other biggest pros is how quiet the heavy-duty motor is. The massager also has a thermoplastic enclosure that allows for it to be used either with shoes on or off. The extra advantage of MMF06 foot massager is that it is designed for massaging the calf areas. The only two cons are that doesn’t offer a heated massage and it is a little expensive.

Where to Buy Best Foot Massager Machines Online for the Lowest Price?

Whether you’re looking for relief from foot pain caused by everyday activities, sports and work, searching for ways to improve blood circulation, or if you simply want to give your legs and feet the proper care that they deserve, these Foot Massagers Machines are here to help.

If you need to read through some more of the customer feedback left by real people that have bought and used those products, you just have to click on the relevant link below and visit the biggest retail website in the world.

If deep shiatsu-style kneading foot massage combined with infrared soothing heat function is what you need, get the Sharper Image MSG F110 Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager

If you just want a relaxing foot massage after the day’s activities, then the HoMedics FMS 200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager is a good option.

If you experience chronic foot pain from plantar fasciitis, have pain from neuropathy, or need to improve the overall circulation and blood flow of your feet and legs, you will definitely get it with the MediMassager MMF06 Variable Speed Foot Massager.

The information gathered through the reviews will surely give you more insight in order to help you make an informed purchasing decision in the end when it comes down to finding the most suitable and best Home Foot Massager Machine for your needs.