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Everyone wants to buy a model of garage door openers with nice features that is considered one of the best and most reliable on the market. And most importantly, that will make life more convenient and easier than before. If this is what you desire as well, then please take some time to read the following helpful pointers in this review, and afterwards you will make the correct choice.

What is the best garage door openers in 2021?

Chamberlain WD822KD Garage Door Openers Review

chamberlain garage door openersI would like briefly to focus on my three favorite picks for 2014
Whether you’re installing your first garage door opener or replacing an old one, Chamberlain WD822KD Garage Door Openers can be awesome choice among the available brands in the market.

The WD822KD is an early release of Chamberlain’s “Whisper Drive” line of garage doors openers. This amazing, highly reviewed model is among the top pick garage door opener of many garage owners. The fact that the model has plenty of positive customer reviews, and reputation for solid and reliable performance, make it one of the top choices among the best belt driven garage door openers on the market. One of the things that impresses owners of this garage door opener, is the fact that they can install the unit by themselves.

The Chamberlain Garage Door Openers WD822KD includes the following safety and security features:

The WD822KD is equivalent to the higher priced WD962KEV version. The only differences between the two models is the accessories included with each model.

This top rated Chamberlain model comes with a 1/2 horsepower motor, that uses a Whisper Drive motor technology. In addition, it provides very silent and steady operation, which makes this openers one of the quietest on the market. Due to its quiet motor, the system is especially suitable for homes that have rooms positioned above a garage. In addition, with 110 volts AC power, the motor is more than capable of lifting any standard door.

The Chamberlain WD822KD Whisper Drive Garage Door Openers includes valuable protection features to guard against injury and unauthorized access to your garage. It is equipped with a PosiLock theft protection. Important feature that ensures the safety of the door to stay closed when it’s locked.

For higher level of security the WD822KD provide an increased rolling code security technology as compared to the traditional garage doors. For example, when the remote is used, this technology sends a new code each time you open/close the garage door, and this prevents unauthorized entry into your garage.

It also comes with two three button remote controls that transmit codes using tri-band frequency and actually finds the clearest frequency signal possible giving you best performance at a greater distance.

Other positive features include a keyless entry pad control for those times when your remote is not easily accessible. Additionally, the included wireless keypad give you access to open or close your garage door without using a garage door remote. You can access at any time just by entering your own four digit code into the key pad.

For added peace of mind, the opener has a timer to close automatically the garage door in case you forget, after a specified amount of time you set – 1, 5 or 10 minutes. Plus, with the help of sensing technology, which prevent the opener from closing or opening cycle if they make contact with something under them, you will have maximum safety.

There may be many belt drive garage door openers on the market but there are only few like the Chamberlain WD822KD Garage Door Openers with a proven track record of reliability and exceptional performance known to clients.

Craftsman Garage Door Openers Review

craftsman garage door openersWhen it comes to garage door openers that stand out from the other similar garage door openers in this category, one chain drive system that should be considered as a reliable is a Craftsman Garage Door Openers 1/2 hp Chain Drive.

Like other garage door openers in the chain drive category, the Craftsman model has a strong 1/2 HP AC powered motor and uses a reliable and proven chain drive system that can open even the heaviest doors gently and effortlessly. Although chain driven garage door openers are not as quiet as belt driven garage door opener models, they are a very powerful solution for heavy, solid wood garage doors. Along with the high quality materials and performance of the opener, the Craftsman Garage Door Openers offers the following futures:
Infrared safety beam type sensors; Two three-button remote controls with rolling code technology, which means that every time the remote control is used, it sent a new code. Both remote controls are perfect for multi car families in the household. As added convenience features the opener has a brighter light (two 100 W bulbs) for added safety.

There is also a wireless keyless entry pad, and a premium motion detecting control console. The model also allows you DIY installation, which is great because doesn’t require an additional expense as compared to the other two brands mentioned which are recommended to be installed by a PRO.

LiftMaster 3800 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Review

LiftMaster 3800 JackshaftThe LiftMaster 3800 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener is a great choice for those people who are looking for a high quality, safe and secure remote controlled garage door opener. It is one of the top popular models in the Direct Drive Garage Door Openers category, which use the most recent technology available on the market. It is specially designed to be attached to the wall. This design is perfect for those garage owners who have a garages that don’t allow to install a traditional belt drive, screw drive or chain drive garage door openers. The LiftMaster 3800 Jackshaft Garage Door Opener model give you ultimate safety and security features, more so than any other brand in the market of garage door openers.

Some advanced garage door opener features include:

The LiftMaster 3800 model has ultra quiet 24-volt DC motor that is the smoothest and most quiet operating motor that is capable to open and close your door quickly and quietly. This opener is suitable only for sectional doors that are up to 14’ (4.2 m) in height and 18’ in width or 180 sq. ft. (16.7 sq. m) and 650 pounds.

The Liftmaster Garage Door Opener is equipped with PowerLock System. It means that once the garage door goes down and the door is not operating, it’s securely locked with the power lock. This acts as a dead bolt, it ensures the door cannot be forced open once it is closed.

The LiftMaster 3800 garage door opener comes with a remote 200-watt light, that can be mounted anywhere in the garage. The innovative Liftmaster Smart Control Panel lets you easily view inside garage temperature, time and system status, as well as to close the garage door from inside in the garage.
The sleek design of the 3-Button Premium Remote Control includes bright blue LED buttons for easy night operation. Enables remote control of up to three LiftMaster® garage door openers from greater distances.
And for added security, it is equipped with Security+2.0™ rolling code technology that uses a new code at every click, making it virtually impossible for anyone to steal your remote control signal. What this means is that every time your garage door system is opened or closed, a new code is generated.

Although each of these three different garage door opener types are great, they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example for the price, this Chamberlain WD822KD is a solid belt drive garage door opener and very good find. The main con of this model is that If your door is more than 7 feet (2.13 m) high, you will need to purchase a rail extension kit that it would cost you some extra money. This model comes equipped for standard 7 foot tall doors.

One of the advantages of Craftsman Garage Door Opener 1/2 hp Chain Drive is that its basic components such as gears, chain belt are made of solid stainless steel parts which makes it much stronger and durable. It also lasts longer and repair jobs are easier to undertake.

The main disadvantage of Craftsman Garage Door Opener 1/2 hp Chain Drive is that it is
a little noisy compared to the other two types mentioned. If your garage shares a connecting wall to your living space or is directly below, you may want to consider a belt drive garage door opener. However, if you have a detached garage or don’t mind a bit of extra noise, this model may work out perfectly for you. One other con is that frequent lubrication is required to keep a chain belt moving smoothly.

If you prefer more security features, or less noise, you may want to go with Liftmaster model 3800. The biggest advantage of Liftmaster Jackshaft garage door opener is that this opener has functions that a traditional garage door openers does not include. First of all is the high level of safety. The compact design is ideal for smaller garages with limited height, because the opener is wall mounted.

One of the big downfalls of this garage door openers model is that it is more expensive than either of the other 2 models. Plus this type of door opener is only applicable to sectional garage doors or roll up doors.

Where to Buy Garage Door Openers Online for the Lowest Price?

If you are searching for a new garage door opener that can makes your life much more convenient, then you cannot go wrong with any of those three garage door openers systems. And third of these garage door opener models are definitely worth checking out since no doubt they are still among the best quality and reliable door openers in the market.
To reach a final decision about selecting between the three different solutions, you just have to visit the Amazon as you click on the relevant link below:

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and spare a few minutes to read some reviews from real customers that have bought and used those products. This will surely help you to make an informed decision in the end and choose which is the most appropriate garage door opener for your home garage or business properties before you buy.