Best Indoor Bike Trainer Stand Reviews

Many performance oriented cyclists incorporate indoor cycling into their workout and training plans by using either bike trainer stands or rollers. For them, indoor training at home using a bicycle trainer is the best solution to keep their legs physically fit and get in a ride when outside bike riding is not always possible, or even when work schedule does not allow it!

Although riding a bike indoors on a bike trainer is definitely not everyones cup of tea, it’s a necessary tool for any serious cyclist, who wants to train more effectively and achieve better results on race day. In fact, some elite cyclists are bringing their cycle training days indoors even when the weather is nice enough for riding outside.

In this review, we provide all the information you need to make an informed decision about which indoor bike turbo trainer stand is the best choice for your indoor or outdoor bike trainer needs and your wallet.

CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro Indoor Bike Turbo Trainer

cycleops-jet-fluid-pro-bike-turbo-trainerCycleOps is a US company, worldwide market leader in the manufacture of indoor bike trainers, rollers and bike accessories. The CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro is a good budget option for fluid resistance trainers, it stands apart from other fluid resistance bike trainers with the innovative ‘Power Tuned’ technology used in the CycleOps and with its high-quality manufacturing and design.

This integrated power-tuned technology is able to provide users with a certain amount of resistance that is meant to simulate the resistance of a real road when cycling outdoors and is better than any other competition’s comparable fluid resistance bicycle trainers in the same class.

The Great Features of the Jet Fluid Pro Turbo Trainer Include the Following:

The CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro trainer offers an incredible 900 watts of progressive resistance, which means that even a pro-level cyclist couldn’t overpower it. Besides being quieter than the average magnetically or fluid resisted trainers, the Jet Fluid Pro offers superior cooling performance compared with other, more traditional rear-wheel on turbo trainers.

The redesigned progressive fluid resistance unit is engineered to duplicate the experience of real outdoor riding in an indoor environment. High resistance can be compared to riding into a constant headwind or an uphill ride-but without the wind to cool you down, while its low resistance is similar to cycling on a long, flat country road.

The Jet Fluid Pro is designed so that the resistance drive unit, flywheel and all the internal components are fully enclosed in a tough plastic dome for ultimate safety. The two key advantages to this feature are: First, is that the heat generated by friction when pedaling can be routed efficiently out of the device, instead of re-circulating back to the front of the device over and over again. The other benefit of the plastic-enclosed dome is the low noise level.

Due to the manner in which this trainer is designed, the encased fluid resistance unit allows an unobstructed airflow from the flywheel fan that keeps things cooler, thus minimises wear and tear on the bike and extends the life of all moving components housed in the unit. As a plus, such a system ensures accurate temperature control of the fluid inside, which provides more consistent ride no matter the length of time the speed or quality of intensity of the indoor cycling session.

Besides having a high-quality internal build, the Jet Fluid Pro features a completely new hand-built steel `Pro` frame design. The Pro Series frame on the CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro offers wider stance compared to Classic series line-up, it allows you to do sprinting workouts or high intensity intervals. The Pro frame is both more user-friendly, and also more durable than CycleOps classic series previous long-standing designs.

Another highly distinctive feature that is unique for the all-new line of Pro series trainers (Jet Fluid Pro, SuperMagneto and PowerBeam) is the safe and convenient one-sided bike attachment clamping mechanism of the trainer frame, which allows for the quick bike placement and removal from the trainer. This is a handy feature that’s to your benefit because it just saves you time.

The Jet Fluid Pro is designed to fit common road and mountain bike frames with quick-release axle widths of 130 and 135mm frame spacing standards. It even comes with its own QR axle skewer to attach your bike to the trainer.

The CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro is currently rated as the second quietest cycle trainer in the CycleOps non-smart (Classic) trainers line-up after the PowerBeam Pro trainer. If you live in an apartment and want to avoid disturbing others around you when you train, I strongly recommend the use of a trainer specific tire such as the continental ultra sport hometrainer tire instead of your road bike tire. The rubber compound used in tire will actually minimize overheating, slippage, noise and tire wear.

For sure the best stand-out feature of the CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro is the manufacturer lifetime warranty of the trainer only to the original purchaser of the Jet Fluid Pro. This warranty applies to defects in parts and workmanship only.

To summarize, here is a brief list of some of the main pros and cons regarding the CycleOps fluid resistance indoor bike turbo trainer stand.

• The trainer comes completely assembled out of the box, while CycleOps classic series trainers such as the Mag, and Fluid2 require some assembly.
• Folding design offers very easy storage, as it can be folded when not in use.
• The trainer is adjustable and the 2″ resistance unit roller is made to fit standard sizes of wheels from 26″ / 650b to 29″ / 700c, depending on the tire tread size.
• The CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro trainer offers an incredible 900 watts of progressive resistance, which means that even a pro-level cyclist couldn’t overpower it.
• The CycleOps offers single-leg leveling adjustment, which allows for easy adjustment on uneven surfaces.

• Slightly more expensive than other fluid resistance trainer models mainly because of the higher quality and superior materials used in its manufacture, but very high value for the performance and features provided.
• Limited to a maximum axle width of 135mm so you can’t use it with most modern road bikes and mountain bikes.

Kinetic Rock N Roll Fluid Resistance Indoor Bicycle Turbo Trainer

kinetic-rock-n-roll-fluid-resistance-trainer-standThere are a variety of bicycle trainers on today’s market, but Kinetic Rock n Roll offers the world’s only patented frame design that delivers natural side-to-side motion. The idea of the Kinetic`s model is to allow the bike to react to pedaling forces as it does on the open road for a more realistic and natural riding feel.

The user can actually simulate hill climbing and feel the same fatigue as pedaling on the real road. Kinetic claims that the device will train cyclists core muscles in a way stationary bicycle trainers would not.
“By forcing the rider to maintain form on the bike, the Rock and Roll forces riders to stabilize themselves by using their core muscles” the company writes on its website. “A stable core will help eliminate unnecessary upper-body movement, so energy is used efficiently, and is key to riding a bike well.”
I would say you’ll be able to stay on the trainer for longer periods of time, and as a result, you will experience less fatigue. This is the goal of the overall design of the Kinetic Rock n Roll Trainer.

A leak proof patented Kinetic fluid resistance unit on their trainers are absolutely the best in the industry among non-electric resistance drive units. As far as performance in this type of trainer, if you pedal faster the resistance will be increased and vice versa. The resistance can be accomplished in the same manner, just as when you ride on the real road by shifting bike’s gears.

The fluid resistant mechanism is engineered to provide progressive resistance based on speed. In other words, the fluid trainer increases resistance as you pick up speed. When you stop pedaling the coastdown time is extremely realistic.

The Kinetic Rock n Roll features a patented, magnetic impeller drive system. This is the heart of every Kinetic fluid resistance trainer. It is made of two independent parts: a flywheel and a completely sealed cast aluminum fluid chamber that are magnetically coupled.

This is exciting as the unit is designed so that the fluid chamber is a fully closed system with no drive shaft entering it. This is a very important feature in getting the best performance from your Kinetic Rock n Roll Trainer Stand. A `sealed system` eliminates the risk of possible fluid leakage because there is no moving or rotating parts penetrating the sealed fluid chamber. The Kinetic model eliminates a typical design drawback of most fluid resistance trainers.

The Kinetic Rock n Roll Trainer use a thermodynamically neutral liquid silicone which offers 100% consistent resistance regardless of how hard or for how long you ride your bike (this is a big problem with lesser fluid trainers). Furthermore, despite the heat generated by the unit in the form of friction the fluid temperature remains low. This means the viscosity (thickness) will not change regardless of temperature due to 80 aluminum cooling fins. You will get consistent power curve throughout your workout.

Worried about the noise? The Rock n Roll is very quiet in use, the larger roller surface that the wheel sits on is probably twice the size (2 1/8″), which means it spins at half of the RPM for the same speed, and significantly reduces the rate of wear on your tire.

I couldn’t say that about other higher priced trainers I have used. Keep in mind, the noise generated between the tire and a trainer is usually a function of how fast you ride so stronger riders putting out more watts will generate more noise.

Here is a brief list of some of the main pros and cons regarding Kinetic Rock n Roll Indoor Bike Trainer.

• Excellent customer service
• Patented side to side motion (compare to a standard Kurt Kinetic Road Machine stationary trainer for example)
• The bike trainer’s platform is very wide, so even when performing high cadence training or massive power outputs you’ll feel stable and secure
• You could set the trainer to be locked out by loosening or tightening elastomers, so that to make the movement no active like a standard indoor trainer
• Compatible with mountain bike diameter wheels with 22- to 29-inches

• weighty construction in comparison to some other, but for a reason
• cost a bit more but many serious cyclists will find Kinetic Rock n Roll Trainer worth the cost
• wide stance takes up a bit more space in your room when the trainer is set up, and this could be a problem

The downsides are a little easier to swallow when it comes to the fact that you get a high quality product. It is excellent from every point of view from one of the most well reputed manufacturers that have earned the trust of many serious riders and customers all over the globe.

CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro Indoor Bike Trainer

cycleops-supermagneto-pro-bicycle-trainerCycleOps has been producing quality, long-lasting indoor trainers for a number of years and the CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro is another solid addition to the CycleOps Pro Series line of trainers.

One of the major highlights of the new CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro trainer, which allows this particular model to stand out from all of the other comparable magnetic resistance trainers, is not only the outstanding performance and versatility that the trainer offers, but also the latest flexible power curve technology (the power curve being how much resistance the trainer offers in response to wheel speed) that the trainer uses.

The new Power Tuned technology that the trainer uses is based on four rare earth magnets inside the flywheel that resist each other. Its advanced engineering enables the user to alternate between four uniquely different levels of resistance, to get a workout that is suited to the requirements of the user. Simply by turning and adjusting the four-position dial between ‘easy’, ‘road’, ‘interval’, and ‘mountain’, the amount of resistance can be increased or decreased in order to deliver exactly the desired level of training.

The ‘easy’ setting offers the lowest resistance, for basic spinning and preparation, and is ideal for warming up before your main focused workout. While the ‘road’ setting, as its name suggests, offers a sharper resistance curve, which mimics the feel of road conditions almost perfectly. As expected, more intensive workouts can be accomplished by adjusting to the ‘interval’ and ‘mountain’ settings that are intended for and perfect for only the strongest riders.

If you start picking up too much speed, and pedaling faster and faster, the magnets will slide away from the flywheel’s center, which makes the training session a tough challenge for even an experienced rider.
Based upon my own personal experience, and that of others who make use of this magnetic trainer, it is noticeably smoother and quieter than any of the traditional mag trainers (or even fluid) I’ve heard of.

One of the most impressive traits about the CycleOps Pro Series trainers (SuperMagneto, Jet Fluid Pro, and PowerBeam) is that they enable easier bicycle mounting and dismounting into the stand, as compared to other types of trainers in the same category.

Another new and distinctive feature, which this trainer also has, is its quick release Secure Skewer clamp. This ensures that the bike is held securely positioned into the stand. The new design of the clamp system on the CycleOps Pro Series is much easier to set-up than the endless knob twisting required on the previous versions.

There is also an improved cam lever mechanism, which guarantees quick and easy bike installation and removal with a simple 90° turn of the handle.
The trainer is very well made, and it can be folded in half for easier off-season storage and transportation. The total weight of the CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro is just 8.5 kg.

The foldable legs increase the footprint of the unit, thereby increasing its stability and preventing movement during even the most frenetic sprints. One of the amazing things about this trainer is its versatility. It can support a wide range of wheel sizes, from 650C road to 29″ mountain.

To summarize, here is a brief list of some of the main pros and cons regarding Cycleops SuperMagneto Pro model.

• Advanced magnet system with four adjustable progressive levels of resistance
• The unit comes pre-assembled straight out of the box
• The SuperMagneto Pro trainer stand is not only very well-designed and durable, but it also has a great riding feel.
• Can be used with larger sized bicycle tires (including 29”)
• Folds up compactly to approximately 8 inches high, so that it is portable and easy to store
• Lifetime warranty
• Created by a reliable company
• Safe and Secure

• Costs a bit more, because of the complexity of the magnetic resistance drive unit design and technology, but professional cyclists who choose to buy CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro will really notice the added benefits. Furthermore, once you experience the performance of this indoor bike turbo trainer stand, you will have no regrets about your purchase.
• There is no typically handlebar-mounted remote control that connects your bicycle to the device, in order to change the level of resistance during a training session, which means that while performing your workout, you have to get off the bike in order to adjust to another resistance level. Doing this breaks up the ride a bit, which may be annoying for some people.

Bottom Line
The bottom line is, whatever the weather or season, the indoor bicycle trainers have a very important place in your workout regime, but ultimately it’s your own choice to decide whether you simply want to sit around during the off-season or want to take advantage of indoor bike turbo trainer stands.

There are plenty of reasons why indoor cycling doesn’t have to be only a winter or harsh-weather activity, here’s just a few:

– With a quality indoor bike trainer that matches your individual wishes and needs best, you would be able to improve your cycling performance, riding technique and stamina on the bike.

– If you have difficulty managing your busy daily routine, and wish to keep up with your cycling plan, having an indoor bike trainer stand in your home would be very convenient. Those who work long hours find them invaluable, and if you live in a place where winter means sleet and snow, you can use this safer option, instead of risking a cold or even a crash.

– For individuals who live in busy, congested locations without safe biking lanes and trails, bringing your own workout indoors may be the only sane, secure, and safe alternative to avoid the inconvenience of traffic and related air pollution.

– Cycling on hectic streets, which are less than cycle friendly, could be both irritating and harmful, and of course requires know-how and good reflexes. Therefore, you might find it safer just to ride indoors during the week from Monday through Friday, when your time for outdoor activities is limited, and then over the weekend, you can ride your bike outside when there is less traffic.

Besides the reasons already mentioned, the unfortunate truth is that not everyone has access to a gym, or can afford to pay expensive membership fees, that is exactly why purchasing your own bike trainer stand might be the most cost effective solution in the long run!
At this point, you’re probably wondering and asking yourself the big question…

Which Bike Trainer Stand Is Right for You?

Above were few best indoor bike trainer stands, whichever of the three you choose is a personal preference, dependent on your individual needs, goals and how much money you’re willing and able to spend. It is important to know however, that the kind of trainer you use will make a huge difference in your indoor cycling workout experience.

But when you take into consideration your cycling level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced) style of training and including price, technology, construction, warranty, you will find the best indoor bike trainer stand for your specific needs.

If you are interested in any of these trainers, but haven’t yet decided on which features or functionality is important to you and for your level of training, just follow the link and read a little bit more about them.

This will help you find out more about the CycleOps Jet Fluid Pro, the Kinetic Rock n Roll or even the CycleOps SuperMagneto Pro trainer to make sure that you are picking the right indoor bike trainer stand for your particular situation and/or planned use. That way you are much more likely to be satisfied with your final choice.