The Best Foot Spas for Large Feet of 2020 – 2021

Most people pay too little attention to their most important asset, their feet. They make the mistake of thinking that if something is wrong with their legs, all they have to do is go to the podiatrist and he/she will take care of them better. Soaking and massaging of the feet in a foot bath with warm water is one of the easiest and best ways to maintain the feet and legs in good health.

Foot bathing has long been perceived as an extravagant and luxurious activity for only very rich people. Over recent years, however, more and more individuals are starting to appreciate the health benefits of using such a device.

This brief review includes a very short list of what I believe are the most trusted, popular, and top-rated foot spas in today’s competitive market that you need to know about if you are planning on buying a foot spa for large feet.

The aim of this short review list is meant not only to highlight the benefits of using foot spa as part of your foot care routine, but also to give you an idea of what is out there in the market, and more importantly, to help you find the best foot spa – the one that is most appropriate for your particular needs and preferences and affordable within your budget.

First of all, before I get into the actual review of my top three contenders, I think it’s important to mention a few things that would be good to have in mind while searching for a foot spa that provides the best.

Typically, when you are trying to find a quality foot spa for large feet you will discover that many of the foot spas on the market are designed for people with small to medium-sized feet. So the very first and foremost thing to consider when selecting a foot spa is the ideal size and depth of the foot bath. Make sure that the foot spa that you are interested in has a length and width sufficient to accommodate the feet size that you have without any issue. For a great foot spa massage experience, it is advisable to buy a foot bath that is a bit bigger than your actual foot size.

Another very important thing to look out for when choosing a foot spa is the type of heating element it has. Typically, low-end foot spas can not heat the water themselves, and can not maintain the water temperature at the desired temperature themselves, as they don’t have the temperature regulator thermostat built-in. This means that the water will not remain warm. To avoid having to heat the water manually before adding it into the container, and then having to manually turn the spa on and off during its use, make sure to include this as a consideration.

The next important thing to look for in a foot spa is its massage rollers. The massage rollers may be either manually driven by the feet of the user, or automatically driven by the motor mechanism. The last and very important thing to have in mind when buying a foot spa is its power and its features.

Comfortology Leak-Proof Foot Spa


The Comfortology Leak-Proof Foot Spa is my favorite pick for the best foot spa for large feet. It includes the most important features and functions that are necessary for the best foot spa massage experience.: adjustable heating, bubbles massage, vibration massage, motor-driven massage rollers, water flow, and a timer.

Undoubtedly, the biggest advantage of this foot spa over most other foot spas is that it has a large and deep water container. It is designed to accommodate both small and larger feet sizes. Another significant feature and advantage of Comfortology is the Rapid-Heating system. This system uses a PTC heater, which is characterized in that it reduces the amount of waiting time needed to heat the water to the desired temperature. This simply means that the PTC heater is capable of heating up the water more rapidly than other conventional heaters. As a matter of fact, the Comfortology foot spa can maintain the desired water temperature in the container throughout the entire duration of its use.

Moreover, Comfortology enables you to modify the spa settings either remotely by using the remote control and/or directly by using its front panel LED push buttons.

This particular foot spa features eight large automatically rotating massage rollers; four on each side, located on the floor of the container. The massage rollers have a cylindrical-shaped body and a plurality of small stimu knuckle-shaped nodes protruding from the surface of the body. The knuckle-like surface of the rotatable rollers produces a gentle massaging action to the soles of your feet, and stimulate different acupuncture points and nerve endings through the foot reflex zones, which are related to the different organs of your body.

The massaging action of the rotating rollers on the soles of the feet could be beneficial, not only for those who are suffering from ordinary arch pain but also to anyone suffering from plantar fasciitis.

Apart from the eight massage rollers, another thing that makes the Comfortology the best foot spa is that it includes infrared light into its design. The notable thing about the built-in infrared rays is that infrared heat from the spots provides the capability of warming not only the surface of the feet but also to penetrate deep underneath the surface layers of the skin, which in turn, stimulate the blood circulation.

The warmth of the water and the water bubbles releasing from the tiny holes from the spa’s floor along with the stimulating flow of water from the small holes positioned on the spa’s sidewall brings amazing benefits as it dilates the blood vessels in the legs, thus improves blood circulation. The increased circulation, in turn, provides to the muscles, ligaments, and tendons more healthy nutrients and oxygen and at the same time helps to improve the health of the feet cells and muscles.
Overall, the Comfortology deep foot spa is an excellent option and provides good value for the quality, ease of use, and money.



The ACEVIVI Foot Spa is the second pick on my list of top three best-rated foot spas for large feet. It is another awesome mid-range budget option that also comes with three basic selecting functions in one device, namely: 1) heating, focused infrared heat plus vibrating rollers massage; 2) heating, focused infrared heat, vibrating rollers massage plus bubbling; 3) heating plus bubbling.

These three available functions can be combined so that the perfect foot massage is found to your individual needs and expectations.

The ACEVIVI foot spa offers a larger foot space than some of the other budget options on the market, which makes it a solid choice for anyone looking for a large foot spa. In addition, the width of the spa’s sidewall at the calf area is made wide enough to not allow your knees to be placed too close together. This is a big plus because it avoids any discomfort that comes from sitting with knees close together while using the foot spa.

Aside from having four automatically rotating massage rollers located two on each side on the spa’s floor, this model distinguishes itself from most other traditional foot spas designs with its four massage spheres feature. With this added feature, Acevivi has the advantage of not only providing the user to massage the arches but also to provide massage of both the toes/balls of the feet and the heels.

Another great feature of the Acevivi foot spa that separates it from competitors is that it offers an auto-rotating foot-pumice stone feature, that makes it possible to achieve smoothness of the heels and remove coarse skin from the soles of the feet.

Although the Acevivi foot spa may be set on casters to facilitate movement from one location to another; most, if not all such foot spas are quite heavy to lift and carry when they are filled with water. One possible suggestion to avoid having to do this would be to remove a greater part of the water by using a water pitcher or a bowl to become lighter and therefore easier to drain.

Unsurprisingly at this price, the Acevivi does not use a water jet shower feature. This, however, should not be seen as a drawback, but rather as an advantage, because the lack of jets allows you to add the therapeutic ingredients such as salts and oils in achieving the ultimate foot spa relaxation experience.

Everyone can experience the health benefits of foot soaking in the ACEVIVI foot spa as part of their foot care routine. Especially the ones who suffer from chronic cold feet due to poor circulation in their legs, or those who suffer from foot pain due to injury or over-exercise. The ACEVIVI foot spa provides a relaxing and exhilarating feeling while giving you a soothing and refreshing hydro-massage to your feet.

Overall, this is an awesome mid-range budget foot spa option, and unless you are willing to go up to Comfortology or Medi Rub price level, you can not go wrong with this excellent choice.



The Medi-Rub 2000 Plus Foot Massager is another top contender in my list of top three best-rated foot spas. It is completely different from the other two options in this list in that it is a water-free foot massager, it does not use water.

The most important and distinguishing feature of the Medi Rub foot massager is its unique oscillating motion technology that it uses. The oscillation/motion of the massager’s platform is characterized by circular movements unlike upward and downward movements of the other less sophisticated lower-to mid-range massagers on the market.

The most important benefit of this technology is that it is capable of providing a quality massage experience to the user’s feet with a high degree of effectiveness. Additionally, the massaging action provided by the oscillating motion of the platform relieves muscular fatigue in the feet, improves blood circulation, and also reduces the stiffness in the joints of the feet in an efficient and effective manner.

The speeds that are available to choose from are limited to just two: Low (2800 rpm) and Fast (3500 rpm). As a rule, the low-speed gives slower RPM’s (revolutions per minute) which means smooth and gentle relaxing/massaging experience. The low-speed massage option helps alleviate muscle soreness and stiffness after physical activity or overexertion. The fast-speed massage option is intended to provide a much more intense, invigorating and deep massage penetration to your feet.

The main surface of the platform is formed of a plurality of spaced bumps/nodules, which provide massaging action and acupressure stimulation to your feet. The platform further includes a semi-cylindrical shaped surface, positioned on the top of the platform, which is intended basically to enable you to do a massage of the plantar fascia (fasciitis), heels and arches of the soles of your feet.

Additionally, the unique shape/geometry of the Medi Rub foot massager also enables the user to give a massage to the calf area.

The Medi Rub foot massager could be highly beneficial for individuals who suffer from peripheral neuropathy caused by diabetes. It can also be a useful and effective device for athletes and individuals seeking relief from the discomfort associated with tense, sore muscles and muscle cramps in their feet and legs.

I am sure there is one question that a lot of folks will want to know the answer to which one out of these three great options is the best? Well, that answer varies from person to person and depends on personal factors. Let’s review and highlight some of the key advantages and disadvantages.

When comparing the Comfortology foot bath and the ACEVIVI foot spa, the first thing that is important to point out is that the differences in terms of performance between both foot spas are relatively small. The Comfortology stands out; on the one hand, the heating system uses the advanced PTC technology that surpasses that of the ACEVIVI. And, in the other one, its high price.

This technology has both the advantage of providing a more evenly heating of the water (no hot spots) and lower power consumption. The other aspect where the design of Comfortology has a disadvantage besides the high price is the lack of a handle.

Among the strengths of choosing the ACEVIVI design is that it features both traditional massage rollers type and semi-spherical massage balls in a single device. For some people, this combination of features can mean the difference between a foot spa that is simply good, and one that is great. Unlike Comfortology, the ACEVIVI foot spa cannot be controlled remotely, which can be a little inconvenient for elderly people, who experience difficulties with bending over and straightening out. The only way to modify the spa settings is directly by using its front panel LED push buttons. On the other hand, however, it offers an auto-rotating foot-pumice stone feature.

As to the pros and cons of the Medi-Rub foot massager. The thing that makes the Medi-Rub foot massager so unique from the majority of other foot massagers on the market, is its oscillation mechanism of massaging action. The oscillating movement provided by the platform is far more efficient than the conventional vibrating one featured in some other massager designs.

The only serious downside of the Medi Rub 2000 plus foot massager is it’s expensive. But when you consider the cost of a regular foot massage session at the local spa, and the fact that you are buying a high-quality foot massager the price seems a bit more reasonable and easier to sawllow. I believe that investing in a high-quality foot massager like the Medi Rub is worth the price because it can provide up to decades of service.

Finally, I hope that this review has been helpful to assist you in selecting the best foot bath for large feet that is most suitable for your needs and personal requirements.

Overall, a quality foot spa is one of the best investments you can make for your feet. Why? Because your feet are so important to your mobility and independence, making preventative foot care your everyday priority now can keep your legs healthy and it will pay off in the long run. By taking good care of your feet now while they are still healthy, you can better ensure that they won’t fail you in the years to come.

If you are sitting on the fence about whether the Comfortology Foot Spa is the right one for you, or you would like to learn some more before deciding between it and the ACEVIVI Foot Spa, you can click on the links. If you need some more information and reviews about the Medi-Rub 2000 Plus Foot Massager, then I would encourage you to click on the link and learn more.